Our Training Center & Field Office is now listed within the Google Maps database.  We have a satellite image from Google Earth that pre-dates our acquisition & development of the site, as well as one that was taken in December 2011 (see below). The latter shows the gardens, wells, & buildings we have created since acquiring the land. Click here to see our training site in Google Maps.

Here is a satellite image from 2003                       Satellite image from December 2011

(6 yrs before ECOVA MALI acquired the land)         (2 1/2 yrs after ECOVA MALI acquired the land)



Zoomed image of Training Center and Field Office

In the top right of the land is the housing, field office,

warehouse, sheep and chicken pens, and kitchen arranged

in an "L" shape.  In the inside corner of the "L" is our outdoor

pergola (hangar) which provides a shady space where many of

training sessions have taken place.


We are now on Google Maps!

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